Thursday, June 25, 2009

Digging, Hauling, Mixing....and waiting.

With 20 team members spread over 4 build sites, the logistics can get a little hairy. Our masons aren't used to delegating - houses are often built without the help of a visiting team of eager Americans - so some days we find ourselves being told "wait" for the bulk of the morning, only to be given an avalanche of backbreaking work after lunch. We're thinking, "wouldn't it have made more sense to spread these tasks over the course of an entire day?" A good question...that goes unasked. We're here as their guests. I uncharacteristically keep my opinions to myself. Buyt there's an upside to the downtime: it gives us a chance to meet the neighbors, and what neighbors we have! Schoolkids by the dozen come to meet the makgoa (literal translation: they who have been spit out by the sea. loose translation: gringos). Matt Amore is a fan-favorite with his camera and curls, and the kids go from shy-to-diva in the time it takes to click the shutter.

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