Wednesday, July 1, 2009


There are four work sites on this trip, at varying levels of completion. Inya's house had a foundation and one row of bricks, and that's the one I've spent most time at. (It's got all the cute kids...and the barrel!) But I've had the odd day over at Mantu's house, which is getting the finishing touches, and Tekoestsile's place, which was just at the digging-the-foundation trench stage when we arrived. There's a fourth site way out yonder in spider country that's about chest-high, wall-wise. Subsequent teams will help complete those.

What I love about Inya's place - in addition to the kids and puppies and barrels - is her foreman, MT. He has a mile-wide smile and infinite patience. We know we're here to be the pack mules. By hauling bricks and mixing cement and digging trenches, we're freeing up the craftsmen to actually build the houses.

But building is the fun part. MT lets us build. We suck at it and slow him down, but he humors us anyway. At least for a short while...

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