Friday, July 3, 2009

Two Tracys and a Handful of Matts

In a group of twenty people, you're bound to get some repeat business in the name department. Distinguishing characteristics help keep them straight.

Ohio Matt works in organ and tissue transplant, and his shop talk is a laugh-riot at dinnertime. New York Matt has what has been described as "orgasmic" hair, along with the fitting last name of Amore. And Texas Matt is from Texas.

But how does one differentiate between two East-Coast Tracys, both bestowed with the gift of gab and a tendency to sunburn?

Well, Tracy Harding is 5-feet-4, and I teeter in at about 5'10," so we were immediately dubbed Little Tracy and Big Tracy.

Big Tracy had a problem with this.

Then, on day 2, Harding picked up a hammer in her skinny little fist and proceeded to bury a 4-inch nail in three strokes (that's about twenty strokes fewer than Amore, fyi). Thus, Hammer-Time Harding was born.

And I can go back to being Tracy.

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