Wednesday, July 1, 2009


One thing I love about Habitat trips is how they throw me together with people I probably woudn't meet every day, like the missionary couple from Texas and the organ harvester from Ohio. My roommate, Carol, is an Irish Catholic inner-city schoolteacher from Chicago. And I mean Chicago. Her accent is unmistakable. When Carol swears, she will actually use the phrase "H-E-double hockey sticks," then turn around and let loose a streak of profanity that leaves even me speechless. She's generous, hilarious, and a wonderful storyteller.

And she's not a girly-girl. Thank heaven. Africa has its share of crawlies and critters, and if I'd been paired with a squeeler, I'd never get any sleep. (The other Tracy and I once spent an entire morning pulling ticks off of a puppy. Jealous? I know you are.)

Carol and I came to our room to find a spider the size of a silver dollar, which is small potatoes here. (Go google "Baboon Spider." I'll wait.) We let the spider stay. Later, Carol came out of the bathroom and said, "grab your camera, the spider's dad is in here." I ran in and saw....nothing. It had disappeared. And now lurks somewhere in our room. This makes us less open-minded about this whole spider thing.

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